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Volunteer Assistant Project Coordinators-9

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Job title: Volunteer Assistant Project Coordinator-9

Locations: (Hargeisa, Burao, Borama, Garowe, Bosaso, Beledweyne,Mogadishu, Baidao and Kismayo

Responsible to: Project coordinator

Starting date: 25th November 2020

Closing date: 15th November or 1st December 2020

Global Peace and Prosperity Initiative (GLOPPI) is a right based international organization operating in the Horn and Eastern Africa specially Kenya, Somaliland and Somalia. GLOPPI envisions a peaceful and prosperous world where human/minority rights respected and fully enjoyed. In collaboration with others, GLOPPI strives to transform peoples’ lives by eliminating poverty, violent conflicts and poor governance to bring about a lasting peace and prosperity to the world’s most vulnerable, marginalized, excluded and the poorest communities especially women, children, youth, minority and endogenous groups through innovative, high impact and relevant programmes and projects in the areas of good governance, livelihoods, food security, entrepreneurship and employment, value addition, resilience, access to social services, human rights, gender and social inclusion, emergencies and protection. GLOPPI empowers the poor, marginalized, excluded and the suffering people to lead a peaceful and prosperous life. We focus on regions and countries where people suffer most as result of extreme poverty, violent and recurrent conflicts, weak governance as well as marginalization.

In response to the increasing unemployment due COVID 19, GLOPPI in collaboration with FUNABUSCAD (non-profit, career and business development consultancy firm) and other training institutes has initiated a programme titled increasing ‘access to employment and self-employment opportunities development programme (ACCESEMOD). This programme is an employment-based career and business development programme that plans to improve the employability and income of the programme participants. The main objective is to reduce the unemployment and improve the employability skills, income and livelihoods. The programme has three main components or projects. The first component is an employment-based career development training project that focuses on enhancing the employability skills of the potential candidates. The main objective is to enable the participants to become more competitive in the job-market and get hired as quickly as possible in the profit, non-profit (INGOs and UN-agencies) and public sectors as well as other employers. The project will enable the participant to acquire all the necessary soft and core skills that enable them to get jobs. The second component is the business development project also enhances business management skills and will make the participants to gain all the necessary business skills and to make them to be proficient in business management. The objective of the project is to enable participants to start up their own businesses to employ themselves and others and thereby improving income and livelihoods. The third component is the let us work together project that will bring together people with different resources (human, financial, physical/natural resources) who will be interested in joint venture and create profitable and innovative business and reduce potential business risks. This will also contribute to the employment creation.

All the GLOPPI and FUNABUSCAD teams involved in ACCESEMOD programme are volunteers. GLOPPI and FUNABUSCAD would like to get the services of volunteer assistant coordinators in Somaliland and Somalia where the programme will start in the first phase immediately. These will be exciting positions for those candidates who would like to a part of this innovative programme and who have passionate for reducing unemployment, changing and bettering people’s lives.


The voluntary assistant project coordinator will

  • Implement all the project activities in his or her designated geographical areas.
  • Coordinate the different activities of the project (career development, coach and mentoring, business development, joint investment, training and networking and general consultancy).
  • Mobilize the youth, graduates and the unemployed people to participate in the programme; and acquire employable skills and achieve their objectives
  • Be the project focal point and provide answers to all enquiries on the all the main project activities.
  • Identify the participants of the career and business development and investment programme
  • Organize online and off-line training programme
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the training programme and the achievement of the participants
  • Be the focal point of the programme in the designated area and provide full information to the participants and answer all the queries.
  • Support the programme participants in their online applications and payment processes
  • Conduct and confirm the financial status of the programme participants and recommend for the waiver of the contribution to the programme or decide which category and percentage the participants will be able to contribute
  • Identifying and selecting the programme participants especially the female participants who are unable to pay the minimum required contributions to the programme.
  • Monitor the general situations and economic status of the participants
  • check and assess participants’ work and progress against set targets
  • Support the participants to acquire soft and core skills of the desired jobs
  • Support the senior consultants to train, coach and mentor the career development programme participants
  • Help the programme participants gain and improve employability skills including presentations and writing effective applications
  • Support the programme participants to generate business ideas, start up business and succeed in running the business.
  • In coordination with the senior consultants and advisors, support the programme participants in conducting market assessments, researches and feasibility studies of the major investment projects.
  • Support the participants in the development of concept notes, funding proposals, business proposals as well as business plan.
  • Identify and enlist the investors, banks, institutions and individuals that can fund innovative business ideas in your designated areas.
  • Support the participants in the generating business ideas through facilitating
  • Support the participants in the business development programme to start up and run their enterprises
  • Record and maintain accurate programme participants’ progress and applications in achieving the personal desired goals.
  • Identify investors, entrepreneurs and technical people (experts and people with specialized skills) and bring them together to generate business ideas; conduct market research, start up and run the enterprises and employ more people.
  • Work with INGOs, UN-agencies, monitor and report call for proposals and support the participants to apply for funding.
  • Promote FUNABUSCAD’s consultancy services and make it visible to the INGOs, UN-agencies and other funding organizations as well as government institutions.
  • Develop personal career through participation of the career and business development programme


  • You must have a bachelor degree in management, project management, business management, marketing, HR or related field.
  • You must have at least two years of experience in business management and training or project management.  
  • You have must have at least one year in mobilizing and organize communities and youth etc.
  • You must have excellent spoken and written English language skills.
  • You must be a good communicator, effectively communicating with all stakeholders including parents.
  • You must have the ability to lead by example.
  • You must have good listening, mentoring and coaching skills.
  • You must have planning, organisational and interpersonal skills.
  • You be must patient, confident, hard-working and must have clear diction and lateral thinking.
  • You must use creativity and imagination in your classes
  • Proficiency in Somali language is desirable
  • You must be living in the duty locations.

How to apply

If you think you meet the job specification, please send your CVs/Resume and motivation letter (specifying your achievements and why you think you are the right person for this position to and copy to  not later than 25 November, 2020. Please put Volunteer assistant project coordinator followed by the location in the subject line of your email. Because of the urgency of this position, we will review the applications on rolling basis and the candidates may be selected before the deadline.