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FUNABUSCAD has the capacity and the experience to conduct third party monitoring in Somaliland and Somalia. We have qualified and well-trained female and male Somali consultants who are based in different regions of the country and who can collect data, carry out assignments in every regions of Somaliland and Somalia, including those areas in southern Somalia not under the control of the government. This reduces the overhead costs of consultancies and makes us more cost-effective and good value for money.


We also have Somali speaking regional and international consultants with an average of 15 years of professional experience in the Horn and East Africa and who can support the field based consultants in case of need. Our consultants have strong networks with the Somali government authorities, communities and the private sector and hence can easily and effectively work with them.


We have partnered with international organization such as GLOPPI and conducted third party monitoring in Somaliland/Somalia from 2018-2019.