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Employment based career Development Training Model


Stage1: We develop your essential and employment skills through either training or mentoring and coaching (ES). This will only be possible when you apply to learn the skills required by your dream job. Unlike other training programme, we assess and train you to acquire the skills and competencies required by your potential employer 


Stage 2. We enable you to practically apply when you learn (the essential/employable skills (APP)). You will not succeed unless you are able to apply the skills and stand out of your competitors or candidates applying for the same jobs (APP)

Stage 3: We work with you to overcome any practical changes in your job search, job application and in generating profitable business ideas and managing your business successfully and enable you to succeed in your dream job or business (success). We give you every advice that you need to succeed (SUC).

Stage 4: Once you succeed, you generate adequate income from your job or business and enjoy the fruits of your efforts and investment in your career and business. This will enhance your self-reliance and confidence in tackling the life challenges (IN)

State 5:  Then once you generate adequate income from either job or business, you will improve your livelihoods and change your live and lives of other people and dependents (CHL)