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Programme and Project Cycle Management (PPCM)

Home Programme and Project Cycle Management (PPCM)

Are you involved in programmes or projects? Are you implementing, managing and coordinating one or several projects? Or do you have the ambition to effectively manage or coordinate projects and programmes in the future? Would you like to be promoted to the level of project manager or coordinator once you master project and programme cycle management? This course will be very essential 

Course benefits

  • thinking and practice, focusing on results-based approaches. 
  • It will help you to understand the critical stages of the cycle; tools and techniques commonly used in current PPCM and 
  • how a results-based approach can be adopted and promoted. 
  • Whether you work in the field or a central office, you will learn how to maximise PPCM to deliver results. 
  • Delivered by development practitioners with extensive field experience, this course encourages learning by exchanging ideas and experience all the participants. You will learn a range of skills required for managing for development results (MfDR).
  • How to ensure that all projects are in line with the organisational policies ?
  • How to implement projects in strategic partnerships with others?
  • How to monitor progress while stimulating learning for all involved?
  • This course will provide you with the tools and skills needed to become more professional and successful in managing the planning and implementation of projects or programmes.

Course objectives 

  • Understand the importance of Programme and Project Cycle Management (PPCM) 
  • Understand the results-based approach in development
  • Demonstrate the use of key techniques and tools for  assessing, identifying, designing and planning project interventions
  • Steer participatory planning and implementation processes and ensure appropriate and timely implementation of projects and programmes as well as effective management throughout the programme cycles.
  • Assess project quality and ensure quality improvement through the programme/project cycle, 
  • Design monitoring systems and ensure effective monitoring and evaluation
  • Develop learning capacity and conduct internal programme evaluations
  • Assess, supervise, and support  your programme or project team members during programme/project cycle
  • Delegate effectively and lead your teams in an inspiring way. 
  • Demonstrate skills in conducting programme/project evaluations for future improvement 
  • Appreciate, strengthen learning, and timely adjusting and decision making for the programmes.

Course methods  

Throughout the training days, participatory training methods will be employed to complement presentational approaches/ theories. Audiovisual aids and practical sessions will be conducted with local NGOs in the area.

Participants of the Course 

The course is intended for  

  • Project officers, field officers and those who directly implement projects and programmes.
  • LNGOs staff who implement donor or partner funded projects and programmes who would like to sustain their relationship with the donors and partners by effectively managing the projects/programmes.
  • Managers and coordinators working with partners who deliver the programme or projects.
  • Managers with programme and/or project experience who need to improve better ways of delivering programmes/projects to achieve better results. 
  • Senior programme manager, director or and coordinator who have the strategic overviews of projects or programmes 
  • Senior officials of public or private institutions who are involved in programme appraisals, monitoring and evaluations.
  • Those who would like to develop their careers in programme development and management;
  • Working for private, public, civil sector, such as consultancy firms, NGOs, government institutes.

Duration of the course

4 full days 

Venue and location

Nairobi, Hargeisa, and Mogadishu. Details of specific venues will be provided later

Course fee

800 USD