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Needs assessments are very essential for the development of projects and programmes. As the name indicates, it is the means by which the needs, problems and priorities of communities are identified in order to develop appropriate or relevant projects and programmes.

Humanitarian workers and others involved in the programme development and management need to understand the present needs, problems and priorities and the resources available in order to plan and respond effectively. Hence, conducting accurate, effective and timely assessments is important for the identification and planning of relevant humanitarian projects.

This course aims to enhance the efficiency and the effectiveness of personnel engaged in humanitarian work by taking you through good practice in assessment procedure, and methodologies as well as frameworks and principles of assessments. 


By the end of the course you will be able to: 

  • Understand and articulate the objectives of needs assessment for both humanitarian and development projects and programmes.
  • Plan effective rapid and participatory needs assessments 
  • Learn data collection methods and tools/techniques and select relevant one for specific target groups 
  • Demonstrate the use of a variety of data analysis tools and techniques for needs assessment.
  • Demonstrate the use of specific sector guideline of SPHERE Standards in the emergency context.
  • Mainstream geder,age and crosscutting issues in needs assessments 
  • Write high quality and comprehensive needs assessment reports 

Course methods and Course Audio-visual Aids

Throughout the training days, participatory training methods will be employed for this interactive course. Brainstorming, group exercises and focused discussion, case studies will be continuously used. Sharing ideas and experiences are also highly encouraged. Presentational approaches are sometimes used to impart relevant theories and information including frameworks. Audiovisual aids such as over head projectors, videos and films can be used where necessary to show practical cases of conducting needs assessment in different contexts.

These methods will provide participants with the skills and confidence to plan and conduct appropriate and timely needs assessments and to write comprehensive needs assessment reports.

Participants of the Course-Who should attend?

This course is intended for the people who would like to work with humanitarian aid agencies and local NGOs who would like to develop appropriate projects and programmes:

More specifically the course will be beneficial for: 

  • Community liaison officers, field officers, M& E officers, and logistics officers.
  • Project and programme officers
  • Program coordinators and managers.

And those would like to enhance their skills in conducting high quality needs assessment 

Course highlights/ what course will cover 

  • Humanitarian and development context analysis 
  • Understanding and setting Objectives of the needs assessment
  • Assessment Planning techniques 
  • Coordination of inter-agency needs assessment 
  • Information collation and report writing
  • Data collection and analysis techniques for the needs assessment  
  • Sector guidelines of Sphere Standards
  • Designing projects and programme based on the needs assessments
  • Data collection methodologies and analytical frameworks that are most appropriate to each sector 
  • Gender and age mainstreaming 
  • Working with gate keepers and community elders
  • Report-writing skills 


  • English

Duration of the course

  • 4 full days 

Venue and location

  • Nairobi, Hargeisa, and Mogadishu. Details of specific venues will be provided later

Course fee

  • 800 USD