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Job Analysis and Matching training skills

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Job analysis and matching are important for the success of the potential candidates. This is particularly important when deciding whether to apply for the advertised position or not. The advertised positions have different categories or components that need special attention before you decide to apply. You cannot apply for every job and you must be selective based on your knowledge, skills and experience. When you analyze the advertised job, you will be able to determine to apply or not.  Once you decide to apply, then you must match your knowledge, skills, experience and achievements to the advertised jobs. There are certain skills that are required to enable you to understand and analyze the job and to match to the job requirements.

At the end of the courses, the participants will be able to

·         Analyze the advertised jobs and decide the most relevant ones to apply  

·         Justify or decide to apply for the analyzed positions and not

·         Select and include the most important information required by the employer in your applications

·         Fit your applications to the job requirement