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After being shortlisted, you will be invited to the job interview. Unless you succeed in the interview and written tests, you will be unable to get the job offer, therefore, this practical course will prepare you for the actual interview. Many candidates who have been shortlisted fail in this stage. This is because they don’t understand the interview questions and the meaning behind these questions. Others may also fail in the written test which is a part of the interview process. Taking this course will enable to clearly understand the interview questions and their meaning and respond to them accordingly


At the end of the courses, the participants or trainees will be able:

·         Prepare for the interview and have all the required information in advance

·         Forecast the potential interview questions of the dream job.

·         Understand the interview questions and their meanings and respond accordingly

·         Tackle all the tough questions of the dream jobs

·         Have access to confidential interview questions of your potential employers

·         Win the hearts and minds of the interview panel