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Human resource development and change management

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FUNABUSCAD does both strategic and short term human resource development for the staff of the INGOs and UN-agencies to make them more effective and efficient in discharging their responsibilities.


We conduct rigorous capacity assessments and identify and address the capacity gaps. It is not a general capacity assessment but specific to the needs of the different staff in various positions. It is based on their job descriptions and responsibilities and enable the staff and the line-manger to identify and compare the current capacity against the desired one and the best way to achieve the desired capacity. Our highly experienced and qualified consultants will ensure that the capacity of the staff is enhanced and that the staff will be competent in their work which will enhance and contribute to the performance of the organizations.


People are generally resistant to change. It is therefore important to carefully and systematically plan and manage organizational change processes to avoid unnecessary negative effects. We also support organizations in change management and in addressing the gaps that may emerge as a result of the changes.