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Employment Based Training Programs

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Soft skills 

  1. Job Analysis and matching training course 
  2. Writing effective applications (CVs and cover letters) training course that get results
  3. Interview skills course
  4. Applications and interview coaching and mentoring 
  5. Mock interviews
  6. I-NGO & UN Aegencies Introduction , operations and jobs
  7. Career Advise & Jobs selection


Core Courses

    1. Programme based training skills
    2. Finance jobs-based training skills 
    3. Logistics-based training development courses
    4. Administration-based training courses
    5. Leadership and management-based courses

Courses for training of NGO staff 

Leadership and NGO governance 

    1. Leadership and management 
    2. NGOs governance and management 
    3. Strategic planning
    4. Organizational change and management 


Programme/ and project related courses

    1. Needs assessment and surveys
    2. Project cycle management 
    3. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning 


Finance and Administration 

    1. NGO financial management 
    2. Planning and budgeting 
    3. Logistics and Procurement
    4. Administration 

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NGO Staff Training Courses