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Course highlights/ what course will cover 


  • Terminologies in monitoring and evaluations 
  • Purpose of monitoring
  • Log-frames and hierarchy of objectives (activities, outputs/results, purpose/outcomes and goals/impacts and their relationships with monitoring and evaluation 
  • Monitoring systems/plans 
  • How to collect and analyse data? 
  • How to learn from monitoring in organisations?
  • Who needs M&E information? Who makes decisions and who is referred to ?
  • Monitoring tools and techniques
  • Roles and responsibilities in M & E 
  • Resources required in M&E systems 
  • How to make a Monitoring Plan?
  • How to use Outcome Mapping to monitor qualitative changes?
  • How to monitor risks and organisations? 
  • Field visit /real-life case 
  • How to capture monitoring areas in Key Performance Indicators?
  • How to deliver information to key stakeholders?