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Employment Based Career Development Training Programme

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Employment Based Career Development Training Programme

FUNABUSCAD has a specialized department that focuses on individual career development and employment. 

The purpose of this programme is enable the applicants or job seeker to acquire the relevant and employable skills and immediately get hired by the non-profit sector.

We develop the capacity of the job seekers and the unemployed to be competitive at local, national, regional and international levels.



We also support the young graduates and the youth in general to acquire or gain employable skills to get jobs or employ themselves.

We also support the individuals to get hired by national NGOs, INGOs, UN-agencies, International and national companies as well as other employers.

We do this through well-designed and tailor-made training programmes. In these programmes, we also introduce new graduates and those who have no or little knowledge of the non-profit sector (L/INGOs and UN-agencies) to understand how these organizations operate, the job functions and levels and how to strategize to fulfill the requirements of their dream jobs.

We also evaluate the applicants’ background, knowledge, skills and experience and advise them where they can fit and quickly get hired.


Where there are capacity gaps identified through the evaluation/ assessment, we train them to address the identified gaps. In addition, we conduct tailor-made, specialized and dream job-based training to enable them to acquire essential and employable skills.

The core skills must be complemented with the soft skills if the applicants are to succeed. We develop their soft skills in professional presentation, writing compelling applications (CVs, cover letters) to stand out of the crowd and get shortlisted and in performing well in interviews and salary negotiations. 

Simulation or mock interview will be a part and parcel of the programme to allow the less experienced applicants to gain practical interview skills to prepare them for actual job interviews. Furthermore, we mentor and coach the applicants until they land in their dream jobs.  


Why choose FUNABUSCAD? The programme is humanitarian and non-profit-seeking. We approached the non-profit organizations to cover most of the training fees but for the sustainability of the programme, the application must pay 20% to 50% of the costs depending on their ability to pay.  Those applicants from low income households will pay only 20% and those from mid-income will pay 50%.

FUNABUSCAD consultants and trainers are practitioners who have had many years of experience with the INGOs and UN-agencies. Unlike other consultants and trainers, our senior consultants and trainers who will train you on your dream jobs had worked in same positions or your dream jobs and know everything you need to know about your dream job and the secrets of performing well.


They will practically train you on the key tasks of your dream jobs and will enable you to develop the competencies and skills required to succeed in those jobs.


They are also highly educated in your sector or field and are continuously updated of the new developments. They have extensive networks with the non-profit sector officials and will recommend you to your potential employer once you have acquired the required knowledge and skills.