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Buying and stock control course

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Whatever business you are in, you need to buy supplies before you can make or sell your goods or services. How well you sell depends on how well you buy. If you do not properly plan your business purchasing, you will use or sell them. You must have proper control of your stock in order to protect your investment. This manual will help you to buy well and to control your stock effectively. By following the guidelines in this manual, you will be able to purchase items at a lower cost and prevent the loss of stock in your inventory. 

Who will benefit 

The IYB Buying and Stock Control manual explains business purchasing procedures and inventory management in order to make business investment efficient. Buying and Stock Control is one of the courses designed to improve your business adapted from ILO Improve Your Business (IYB) series. It is useful for entrepreneurs who have already established small enterprises and who wish to develop their business, increase sales and reduce costs.

Objectives of the course: 

When you have completed this manual, you should be able to:

  1. Identify the items that your business needs to purchase
  2.  Design a process to make sure that you are buying well
  3. Verify whether or not stock control is important to your business
  4. Create Stock Cards to record the stock coming in and going out of your business
  5. Do stock taking to regularly check the level of your inventory
  6. Properly manage the performance of your suppliers

Course duration

Depending on the participants’ time availability, the course will take from one day to three days. We recommend the participants especially who run their own business to take the course and complete it within two days


80% of the tuition fees have been paid. The participants will pay only fifty dollars 50$ or its equivalence in local currency.