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Business  Development

Business ventures are key in driving sustainable economic development, creation of jobs to the unemployed and those in the existing businesses as well as strengthening economies. Business Development entails the identification of long-term methods to increase value through the development of relationships,  markets and customers. There are several small unexploited business opportunities  that need to be ventured into in the Sub-saharan Africa and worldwide. All you need is FUNABUSCAD’S  business secrets.

FUNABUSCAD will offer its secrets of business success  to the unemployed and the incumbent business people starting businesses as well as the struggling existing businesses. Certain skills are vital for any business venture and our programme’s objective is to offer training on the  following skills.

 Business Management Programmes

Business management is the backbone of any business development initiative. Developing a business is a large and complex issue- managing it closely is imperative to the overall success of a business developer. FUNABUSCAD intends to make  it simple for all entrepreneurs.The following skills will be offered to our subscribers for this particular level.

  1. Generating new business ideas
  2. Planning for your Business
  3. People & productivity
  4. Accounting/ Record keeping
  5. Buying and Stock Control
  6. Marketing 
  7. Costing

Linking  investors, innovators and technical experts

Most startup business ideas by innovators may need investors for funding or partnership. FUNABUSCAD is committed to link the investor to the innovators as well as the technical expertise to enable the transformation of business ideas by the innovators grow into thriving businesses. 

Resource Mobilization/Fund Raising

This refers to all activities that enable securing of new (startup)  and additional resources/funds for any business. I t involves making better use of, and maximizing  existing resources. Any business startup/ existing will need various resources;

  • Financial resource
  • Intellectual resource
  • Human resource
  • Physical resource
  • Educational resource
  • Emotional resource
  • Moral resource
  • Cultural Knowledge resource
  • Relational resource

FUNABUSCAD will offer adequate consultation on all the resources mentioned. The financial resource support will be offered to existing business people and prospective unemployed business persons by:-

  1. Business proposal development training
  2. Business concept notes development training
  3. Mobilization of local business opportunities and resources
Business growth training programs
Business consultancy services

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