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Advertising for INGOs and UN-agencies in Somaliland/Somalia

Home Advertising for INGOs and UN-agencies in Somaliland/Somalia

FUNABUSCAD advertises positions for International NGOs and UN-agencies. Thousands of job seekers visit our website.

We also send the advertisements to thousands of potential candidates who are registered in our database and who subscribe to job alerts. 

We have also a job network platform that potential candidates and job-seekers discuss and share their experiences about job environment and other crucial information.

They also share the advertisements to their networks outside FUNABUSCAD networks.  We forecast that hundreds of potential candidates will apply for the positions advertised by FUNABUSCAD because of the different channels we use and the extensive networks we have.  Therefore, we request INGOs and UN-agencies and other employers to consider FUNABUSCAD for the advertisement of positions and recruitment of their staff.