Job Secrets Training Programme





(99 Secrets that help you get jobs and avoid mistakes that kill your job applications)

The job environment becomes more and more competitive day after day. Thousands of qualified and experienced workers compete for limited job opportunities. Job holders also seek better opportunities and compete for the same opportunities. Thousands of new graduates also plan to join the saturated labour market. Even a Job search is hectic, stressful and frustrating if you don’t get the results you want. Having the right, relevant, employable skills, and appropriate guidance is imperative. Understanding and applying the secrets of getting jobs immediately and avoiding the killer mistakes that nullify your job applications make you ahead of others and land you a dream job. Applying job secrets is a matter of life and death in this highly competitive and dynamic job environment.

Do you know that more than ninety-eight per cent (98%) of the job applicants fail in the recruitment process’s first and most important stage (shortlisting)? They fail to be shortlisted even if they are qualified and experienced. Recruiters take only 30 seconds or so to view your application. As an applicant, you must grab their attention within that 30 seconds if you are to be shortlisted. Otherwise, the recruiters throw your application into the dustbin because they don’t find the information that they are looking for. Do you also know that 80 to 90% of the two per cent (2%) of the job applicants who move to the second stage of evaluating the applicants (written test and the interview) fail? You will not land your dream job if you fail in any of the stages and you miss those opportunities forever!!! 

So, If you have been unemployed and have been sending job applications for months or even years and you have not even been shortlisted; if you have been receiving no responses or regret emails from employers; if you have been thinking about why you have not been short-listed and why you did not get a job despite having first and second degrees and some experience or many years of experience; if you were unsuccessful in interviews and written tests; If you have been thinking that getting jobs at INGOs and UN agencies and the other high-paying employers is difficult and that you need someone (insider) to help you get a job; and if you have been asking yourself why you did not get the job you wanted; If you have been facing one or more of the above-mentioned problems(s) and others, the job secrets training programme is right for you. It will address almost all your job application problems, challenges and frustrations.

If you complete the job secrets training programmes (1-5), you will increase your chances of getting jobs immediately by 90% by applying job secrets and techniques of getting the desired jobs and avoiding killer mistakes; Standing out of the crowd (hundreds or thousands of applicants), getting noticed and shortlisted by employers; mastering communication, interview and soft skills; and developing core skills and job-based competencies. Otherwise, you will be left behind. You will remain jobless, poor, frustrated, disappointed or even depressed. You will lose your self-steam and the respect of others. You will be financially unable to support yourself let alone your family and relatives that may cause health-related issues.


The purpose of the training is to develop job-related competencies to bridge the gap between education and employment through well-designed professional training programmes and to minimize the time taken by job seekers to get jobs.


The training programme is intended for all those who are unemployed and want to get jobs and those who have been struggling to get jobs at INGOs, UN agencies as well as the high-paying private sector. It will also benefit the inexperienced graduates and those who will graduate in the coming two years, who want to prepare themselves for the job environment. It will also benefit those who are employed and who want to develop job-related competencies for promotion.


Professional trainers from International Institute of Non-Profit Management, Professional Training and Employment (INPROTE), FUNABUSCAD Consultancy Services and Global Peace and Prosperity Initiative (GLOPPI) will conduct the training. The programme was designed by experts that worked with INGOs and UN-agencies and other employers for over two decades. These experts were responsible for the recruitment of hundreds of local, national and international staff. They are experts who have the knowledge, skills and experience to train you to get your dream jobs even if you don’t have many years of experience. They know why you don’t succeed to get the jobs you want.


The duration of the first training (99 job secrets and Job killers) is one day from 8:00-1:00 PM or from 4:00-9:00 PM. The training will start from Sunday to Monday 9-11 October 2022 and again from Wednesday to Thursday 12-13 October 2022 INSHALLAH.


This time, the training will be conducted in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The training will take place at Civil Service Institute, International Horn University or Mansoor Hotel or any other hotel to be designed. The venue preparation is underway. This will be confirmed to the participants who have registered and cleared the payment. Online training will be also organized as soon as possible subject to the request of the trainees. We will also organize the similar training programmes in Nairobi, Kenya and elsewhere.


This is a humanitarian training programme. GLOPPI has negotiated and managed to reduce the fee by 80% of the costs of the programme and the participants are expected to contribute only 20% of the total costs. You can pay your contribution (20$) or equivalent in Somaliland Shilling (102,000 Somaliland shilling (SLSH) through Zaad and EDAHAB.  The Zaad and EDahab will be later communicated.


Please download our application form from FUNABUSCAD Website (  or click the link below and fill in the application and submit.

You can also send an email to and get the applicationJob Secrets Training Programme

We will be happy if you could also fill in the pre-training assessment form by clicking the link below.


Please share with your relatives, friends and families so that they can also benefit. Also, subscribe to our YouTube challenges and get the latest video related to employment. As we are starting the first batch in October 2022, please hurry to apply so that you don’t miss the opportunity to change your life.